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Thank you for your interest in assisting the Hunterdon Somerset ARC. As an all volunteer charity organization, we can not do this work without you! Please send us your email address and let us know the committees for which you would like to volunteer, and please complete the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION (see below in green) and submit to HSARC through the contact form, or via email @ [email protected]

If you are interested in FOSTERING A HOMELESS PET, please complete the FOSTER APPLICATION (see below in blue) and submit to HSARC through the contact form, or via email @ [email protected]

Volunteer Committees

    Transport: We are always in need of a helping hand with transporting our rescue dogs. This would include trips to the veterinarian, the shelter, adopter’s homes, boarding facilities, and adoption events.

     Processing Applications: The rescue receives and processes adoption and foster applications every day of the week so if you are good on the phone, reliable and readily available to help, this could be a great opportunity to become involved.

    Fundraisers: The rescue is non-profit and survives on donations; if you have prior fundraising experience or would like to help organize an event please specify below.

    Event Planning: The event planning committee is responsible for organizing and facilitating fundraising events, adoption events, booking venues, and other programs to benefit the ARC.

    Handlers: If you are experienced with large dogs, especially pit bulls, and available to help by handling a dog at an event, this is a great way to get involved. 

    Adoption Events: If you are interested in assisting the rescue with organizing an adoption event, assisting at the event itself, helping advertise for the event, or putting up flyers it is a great help in finding the dogs homes. 

    Home Visits: We aim to find loving homes for our dogs all over the northeast. In order to ensure our dogs will lead a safe, happy life after adoption, we rely on volunteers to inspect potential foster and adopter's homes. Conducting a home visit involves contacting the potential and setting up an appointment for the home visit, as well as a visual inspection of the entire property and the filing of a report with our home visit coordinator.

    Visiting Dogs in boarding: If you are comfortable walking and interacting with all kinds of dogs, you may wish to walk and spend time with our dogs who are not yet in homes. This responsibility is location dependent. 

    Fostering / Becoming an Ambassador

    Media Relations: Public Relations, Advertising, Web-Design, Tech Help, etc!

    Collecting Wish List Supplies: Pick up/drop off supplies, organizing donation drives

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Welcome, Volunteers! Please send us your email address 

    Volunteer Application
     PLEASE SUBMIT VIA EMAIL TO [email protected]

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    Have you previously worked or volunteered with any other animal welfare organization(s)? If so, when and where?*

    Do you have experience with bully breeds or other large breeds, and if so to what extent? *

    Would you like to help with events including adoption events and fundraising events?

    Would you like to help with transporting of dogs? How far are you willing to travel?
    Please note: You should be comfortable handling all breeds and sizes.

    Would you like to help with application processing?

    Would you like to help with home visits in your area? How far are you willing to travel?

    Please describe any other way in which you would like to help.


    Please copy the questions above into Word; fill out the questionnaire, save the file, and return when completed

    via email to [email protected] 

    Fostering is the single most important step after a rescue dog gets out of the shelter.

    It’s how a dog gets to decompress, to be a dog again. It’s when a dog recovers, rehabilitates and recoups after what they’ve been through. It’s where a dog can experience being in a home, so they’ll be ready for their forever one. Hunterdon Somerset Animal Rescue Center takes fostering as seriously as adoption. That’s why we want our fosters to be fully prepared for the experience. We give our fosters 24/7 help, support, advice. We NEVER leave you stranded. We partner with our fosters in finding the best guardian, to ensure it’s a home that lasts a lifetime.

    What does it mean to foster?

    You bring a shelter dog into your life and your home. You treat them as if they were your own; good food, lots of exercise, attention. You might have to train or re-train. You share in the re-homing process, screen applicants, show the dog. We ask for a commitment to adoption. Fostering is truly a selfless act. It is a promise to give time, energy, and emotion. It takes heart, patience and a sense of humor. Most of all, it takes love. We believe when you foster you not only save a dog’s life and give it a far, far better future, you give yourself one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have.

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    If not a homeowner, do you have the landlord's permission to have a dog?

    If renting, what are the building rules about pets?

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    Have you ever trained a dog? *

    Have you ever trained a dog? *

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    Species & Breed

    Owned for how long?

    What happened? (died of natural causes, gave away, etc.)



    Species and Breed

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    Where will the dog live? *

    Have you ever fostered before for a rescue organization? *

    If so, which one?

    How was the experience?

    If things do not work out, do you have the capability of separating your foster from your other dogs in your home? *

    Veterinarian Reference #1

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    If you do not have a veterinarian at the present time, which vet do you intend using?


    ____________________I agree to Foster exclusively for HSARC.

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    Please note: We do ask that you foster for our rescue exclusively; if you want to foster a dog from another rescue – for our dog’s safety – we need to know and approve.


    FOSTER CONTRACT 1) No person who is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be allowed to foster. 2) Dogs will NOT be kept on a chain because of health hazards, lack of exercise and potential dangers chains may cause such as teasing and trapping the dog with no escape. 3) Dogs will NOT be used as hunting or guard dogs. 4) Foster will abide by all city and county animal control ordinances, specifically any leash laws to prevent the dog from roaming and becoming a nuisance animal. 5) Dogs will NOT be sold, traded, or given away for any purpose. It is not to be abandoned. Foster agrees to return the dog to HSARC if they are unable to care for it. 6) Foster agrees that dog will be part of the household, well cared for and treated with love and respect. Foster will assume full responsibility for its well-being, including providing adequate and wholesome food, fresh water, shelter from the weather and any veterinary treatment needed to provide for the continued health of the dog. 7) HSARC reserves the right to refuse to foster out any dog for any reason. Further, HSARC’s veterinarian reserves the right to refuse to foster out any dog for any reason, including the health of the dog. 8) HSARC is not responsible for any injuries (including rabies), maiming and /or death incurred to any persons or other animals in respect to this dog. 9) HSARC is not responsible for any damage or destruction to personal or home property caused by this dog. 10) HSARC does not guarantee a dog’s temperament or behavior once in the home. 11) Should foster adopt, the foster is subject to all requirements for adoption set down by the HSARC application, approval, home visit, and a NON-REFUNDABLE donation fee (TBD by HSARC) paid to the rescue. 12) Unspayed/unneutered dogs shall be returned to Animal Care and Control shelters for surgery. Unless prior arrangements have been made with HSARC, if foster opts to seek private veterinary or low cost/certificate spay/neuter programs for surgery, they do so at their own expense. 13) ANY EXPENSE IN REGARD TO FOSTER DOG, IE., VETTING/TRAINING/BOARDING ETC., MUST BE APPROVED BY HSARC BEFORE PAYMENT IS MADE. 14) Foster must be physically able to handle and exercise their foster dog daily and sufficiently. 15) HSARC RESERVES THE RIGHT TO TAKE BACK THEIR DOG FROM THE FOSTER AT ANY TIME, FOR ANY REASON. THE ABOVE IS A LEGAL AND BINDING CONTRACT. BY SIGNING BELOW, THE FOSTER(S) AGREES TO COMPLY WITH EVERY CONDITION LISTED ABOVE. THE FOSTER(S) FURTHER AGREES TO IMMEDIATELY SURRENDER AND RETURN THE FOSTERED DOG(S) TO HSARC SHOULD HSARC DETERMINE THAT THE FOSTER(S) HAS FAILED TO COMPLY WITH ANY OF THE CONDITIONS LISTED ABOVE. SHOULD HSARC BE REQUIRED TO TAKE LEGAL ACTION IN ORDER TO SECURE THE FOSTERED ANIMAL(S), FOSTER(S) SHALL PAY ALL COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH SAID LEGAL PROCEEDINGS. I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS CONTRACT AND BY SIGNING THIS DOCUMENT I WAIVE ALL LEGAL RIGHTS, INLCUDING THE RIGHT TO SUE HSARC AND ITS OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, AGENTS, EMPLOYEES, VOLUNTEERS AND/OR REPRESENTATIVES. In the event of my death or incapacity, this Contract shall be effective and binding upon my heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators, assigns and representatives. *

    I have read and agree to the above

    I agree to a Home Visit by a Hunterdon Somerset Animal Rescue Center director, employee, or volunteer *

    I agree (This serves as legal signature) 





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    PLEASE SUBMIT VIA EMAIL TO [email protected]